Trimix Normoxic Diver

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31.08.2020 Alle Regionen Trimix Normoxic Diver The CMAS Trimix Normoxic is the entry level course for anyone who wants to extend their diving range beyond the recreational depths. Having the chance to explore lakes and seas more in depth will take you to another dimension, giving you the possibility to visit beautiful walls, reefs or wrecks otherwise inaccessible to recreational divers.

The course is designed to extend the skills already acquired in the previous courses and enhance them in order to practice deep diving always with comfort, confidence and competence. In this course you will learn how to plan a Trimix dive, starting from the logistic until the gas management and decompression strategies, and how to execute it in safe way.

The course is usually conducted over six to eight days (full or half) and includes at least six training dives (preceded by land drills), three experience dives and four theoretical lessons in classroom. Class can be held in italian or english. For any other info don't hesitate to contact me or click here.

Dates to be agreed with students during Summer.
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