Plongeur technique (skills)

Date Région Formation Description Organisateur Contact
31.03.2020 Alle Regionen Plongeur technique (skills) The CMAS Advanced and Technical Skills course provides to all divers an opportunity to refine and increase the basic diving skills, and it's suitable for both for divers who wants to enjoy recreational diving with more comfort and fun, or by divers who wants to improve their skills underwater in order to gain the endorsement to the technical path.

The course is designed to develop the essential skills for practice diving with comfort, confidence and competence. You will learn how to correctly configure your equipment following the DIR/Hogarthian setup, how to handle trim and buoyancy underwater, all the propulsion techniques, how to react in case of emergencies like gas sharing procedures, valve management procedures and many other things.

The course is conducted over four full days and includes at least eight open water dives (preceded by land drills), one swim test and two theoretical lessons in classroom. Class can be held in italian or english. For any other info don't hesitate to contact me or click here.

Dates to be agreed with students during Spring.
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